Welcome to our Animal Advocates Laws Page.  The plan for this part is to provide information on existing laws and their enforcement AND help improve them or create better ones.

My first goal is to build a reusable law/ordinance that each City/County can copy, paste and adopt.  Each year millions of animals die for lack of a home.  We do not need more breeders nor irresponsible owners...breeding more animals. This particular one will shift the financial burden to those who create the overpopulation problem and direct the money to those trying to fix or deal with the results.  Thus this will be some type of tax for selling or allowing to run loose non-spay/neutered animals.

One project we have been asked to look at is a National Register of people who harm animals, to include abusers, hoarders, and bad groups.  This should be a fairly simple application to build.  As discussed several places on this site, we need technology people to work with one of our founders, Gary Buchholz ( https://www.facebook.com/gary.buchholz ) to build this application.  If interested in helping please contact him.