Welcome to the Animal Rights Advocates Network (ARANet) and Animal-Advocates.NET (AANet) 

This website is currently under construction but check back periodically as we begin to evolve it into a fully function research site for Humans acting as Animal Rights Advocates.

This song is our theme song, recorded by our very own Robin Allison AKA Robin Buchholz.  It is a strong message all Animal Advocates should know and share with others.

Our current mission is to work collectively, and in harmony, with all other Animal Advocates, at each City/County level,  at each Statewide and National Levels.  This will be a clearing house of information, collaboration and resource sharing such that we not only save more animals at the grassroots level, but help make a difference at each State's level and then Nationally. 

We all do the best we can to just help those we can but we are loosing the battle.  We need a group to focus on the "Big Picture" and assist with developing methods to make the best us of our resources as well as get ahead of the issues and not be stuck reacting.  But was have to put aside issues and work together.  We all hold a piece of the puzzle...this group wants to help put the puzzle together.

We hear a lot of people, justifiably, say they cannot work directly in the trenches.  We fully understand, it is heart wrenching and each time we go into the trenches a little of our hearts and health are taken.  But we still need help in to many areas that do NOT put you in the trenches.   Granted money is always welcome and much needed, but your skills and effort are also needed.

We need the following skills:

  1. Technology Efforts - Website efforts, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Communications, PCs, Software, Electronics, etc.
  2. Strategic/Planning/Execution - Strategic Planners, Project Managers, Analysts, etc.
  3. Business/Accounting
  4. Legal
  5. Writers
  6. Veterinarians
  7. Animal Experts
  8. Builders/Craftmen
  9. Anything else that can help the cause.